Friday, 7 November 2014

How to install log2space Edge Standalone Server ?

How to install log2space Edge Standalone Server ?

1)      Download Log2space server ISO file from link given by Log2space

          http://IP address given by Log2space/l2s.6.2.iso  call on 022-61672800.

2)      Create DVD with this ISO file. Keep writing speed as low as possible. My be 4X.

3)      Boot your server computer & disable on board LAN & set hard disk mode to AHCI.

4)      Boot your computer with DVD you created.

5)      Now wizard will install Fedora 10 with his log2space server files.

6)      When installation will complete. You will prompt to restart your server computer.

7)      Select restart button & go to your CMOS option. Select first boot device as a hard disk &           enable onboard LAN.

8)      Now start your computer you will get localhost login ID & password.

9)      Default ID  & password will get from Log2space support person.

10)   After successful login you will get screen to change IP address & gateway.

11)   Enter your IP address & subnet mask, Gateway you got it from your ISP.

12)   Now you have to check your server setting is properly configure or not .

13)   In this list of menu to change IP address & gateway you will find ping option, just enter your gateway ip in it & check you are getting proper response or not.

14)   Another way you can ping your IP address from another connection like BSNL/MTNL.

15)   If you are getting proper response so all settings from your side is proper.

16)   Now call Log2space support person who will do remaining setting for you. Contact no.    022-61672800.

Troubleshooting & suggestions

1)      If you have entered IP address & gateway details but it is not showing in show IP address so there is possibility of problem in your LAN CARD. I will suggest you to disable your on board LAN & place PCI Dlink LAN card (Model no. DGE-528T) so that Fedora 10 will get his drivers properly.
Once Log2space support person will get your server control so he will upgrade drivers & your on board LAN will work properly.

2)      If your PCI Dlink lan card is not working I will suggest you to change PCI slot & try it.

3)       I will suggest you to select computer with 2 PCI slot motherboard to avoid future problems.

4)      If you are not getting ping request. I will suggest you to verify your IP address, Subnet mask & gateway from your ISP. Check it by setting your windows computer with this IP details. If you are getting internet on this setting your IP details are properly.

I hope this will help you .

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