Friday, 12 December 2014

On Railwire railtel network I am getting IRCTC tatkal ticket booking problem.

On Railwire railtel network I am getting IRCTC tatkal ticket booking problem. I am not able to book tatkal ticket between 10 AM to 12 PM.

Friday, 7 November 2014

How to install log2space Edge Standalone Server ?

How to install log2space Edge Standalone Server ?

1)      Download Log2space server ISO file from link given by Log2space

          http://IP address given by Log2space/l2s.6.2.iso  call on 022-61672800.

2)      Create DVD with this ISO file. Keep writing speed as low as possible. My be 4X.

3)      Boot your server computer & disable on board LAN & set hard disk mode to AHCI.

4)      Boot your computer with DVD you created.

5)      Now wizard will install Fedora 10 with his log2space server files.

6)      When installation will complete. You will prompt to restart your server computer.

7)      Select restart button & go to your CMOS option. Select first boot device as a hard disk &           enable onboard LAN.

8)      Now start your computer you will get localhost login ID & password.

9)      Default ID  & password will get from Log2space support person.

10)   After successful login you will get screen to change IP address & gateway.

11)   Enter your IP address & subnet mask, Gateway you got it from your ISP.

12)   Now you have to check your server setting is properly configure or not .

13)   In this list of menu to change IP address & gateway you will find ping option, just enter your gateway ip in it & check you are getting proper response or not.

14)   Another way you can ping your IP address from another connection like BSNL/MTNL.

15)   If you are getting proper response so all settings from your side is proper.

16)   Now call Log2space support person who will do remaining setting for you. Contact no.    022-61672800.

Troubleshooting & suggestions

1)      If you have entered IP address & gateway details but it is not showing in show IP address so there is possibility of problem in your LAN CARD. I will suggest you to disable your on board LAN & place PCI Dlink LAN card (Model no. DGE-528T) so that Fedora 10 will get his drivers properly.
Once Log2space support person will get your server control so he will upgrade drivers & your on board LAN will work properly.

2)      If your PCI Dlink lan card is not working I will suggest you to change PCI slot & try it.

3)       I will suggest you to select computer with 2 PCI slot motherboard to avoid future problems.

4)      If you are not getting ping request. I will suggest you to verify your IP address, Subnet mask & gateway from your ISP. Check it by setting your windows computer with this IP details. If you are getting internet on this setting your IP details are properly.

I hope this will help you .

Sunday, 6 July 2014

8 port Websmart Switch BC-3008WS

 8 port Websmart Switch BC-3008WS 

1) This model default IP address is  ID- admin Password - admin
2) This switch is not having reset button so you should have to note his changed IP address & password.

How switch broadcast storm protection works ?

Understanding Storm Control 

Storm control prevents traffic on a LAN from being disrupted by a broadcast, multicast, or unicast storm on a port. A LAN storm occurs when packets flood the LAN, creating excessive traffic and degrading network performance. Errors in the protocol-stack implementation, mistakes in network configuration, or users issuing a denial-of-service attack can cause a storm.

Storm control is configured for the switch as a whole but operates on a per-port basis. By default, storm control is disabled.

Storm control uses rising and falling thresholds to block and then restore the forwarding of broadcast, unicast, or multicast packets. You can also set the switch to shut down the port when the rising threshold is reached.

Storm control uses one of these methods to measure traffic activity:

•Bandwidth based

•Traffic rate at which packets are received (in packets per second) (available only on non-Long-Reach Ethernet [LRE] Catalyst 2950 switches)

The thresholds can either be expressed as a percentage of the total available bandwidth that can be used by the broadcast, multicast, or unicast traffic, or as the rate at which the interface receives multicast, broadcast, or unicast traffic.

When a switch uses the bandwidth-based method, the rising threshold is the percentage of total available bandwidth associated with multicast, broadcast, or unicast traffic before forwarding is blocked. The falling threshold is the percentage of total available bandwidth below which the switch resumes normal forwarding. In general, the higher the level, the less effective the protection against broadcast storms.

When a non-LRE Catalyst 2950 switch running Cisco IOS Release 12.1(14)EA1 or later uses traffic rates as the threshold values, the rising and falling thresholds are in packets per second. The rising threshold is the rate at which multicast, broadcast, and unicast traffic is received before forwarding is blocked. The falling threshold is the rate below which the switch resumes normal forwarding. In general, the higher the rate, the less effective the protection against broadcast storms.

Default Storm Control Configuration

By default, broadcast, multicast, and unicast storm control is disabled on the switch. The default action is to filter traffic and to not send an SNMP trap.

Configuring Storm Control and Threshold Levels

You configure storm control on a port and enter the threshold level that you want to be used for a particular type of traffic.

Storm control is supported on physical interfaces. You can also configure storm control on an EtherChannel, although you cannot configure storm control on the individual ports of that channel.

Reference of Cisco website

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cisco 2960 Switch Default IP address & username password

Cisco 2960 S Switch default IP address, Admin username & password given below

IP address -

User name - Admin

Password - cisco

Cisco India Toll free no. 0008001001364

Sunday, 2 March 2014

If you want to check desktop or laptop hardware information or configuration use dxdiag command

If you want to check desktop or laptop hardware information or configuration use dxdiag command

1) Click on Start button
2) Click on Run
3) enter dxdiag & press enter button.
4) You will get below window with all hardware information

Saturday, 8 February 2014

How to enable or disable plugin or extension from joomla mysql database ?

If you are not able to login in your joomla 2.5 admin panel so try below steps to solve your problem.
If you have disable your login plugins or extension & after disabling it you are not able to login your admin panel of joomla 2.5 so follow below steps to enable your login plugin from mysql database.

1) Login to your hosting control panel.

2) Select your MySQL database from control panel.

3) Select your website database & go to PhpMyAdmin.

4) Click on Database Word & again select your site database shown in images.

5) Now Search plg_user_jooma (joomla user login plugin) shown in image

6) Click on Edit link at left side. You will get page shown in below image.

7) You will find "0" in Enable row. You have to enable this plugin by setting "1" at enable row.

8) Set 1 & click on GO button at right site bottom corner.

9) Now check by login your joomla admin panel.

10) This will solve your problem. If your problem will not solve contact joomla specialist.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Ricoh SP 100 Printer Need to press Form Feed button every time to print more than 1 print

If you have Ricoh SP 100 printer & you need to press form feed button every time when you want to print more than 1 print so follow below steps to solve this printer. This printer is to print A4 size prints. Ricoh SP 100 printer will not able to print leagal print.(as per ricoh technical support ).

Steps to solve your problem

1) Install ricoh SP 100 printer using printer CD.
2) Go to  Start - Setting - Printer & faxes
3) Right Click on installed ricoh SP 100 printer & click on properties
4) Click on paper size & Advance options in top buttons row.
5) Click on Smart organizing monitor ( Left bottom corner)
6) Click on User Tools.
7) Click on Printer configurations
8) Click on Printer
9) on this page you will get Sub paper size. Set it ON.
10) Apply & Save all setting.
11) Try to print from your computer you don't need to press form feed button.
12) More details check below image

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Send up to 300 MB file to your friend Free


Upload your file on sendspace server by selecting to & from email ID & your friend will received email from to download this file from his server.

Try it its a free .

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