Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How to pause & resume file transfer in FileZilla ?

If you want to pause & resume your file transfer process in filezilla you can do it very easy. I have tried this on FileZilla version. You have to follow below steps

1) Open filezilla Enter your domain name, Username & password & start to upload file on your server.
2) Now If you want to pause this process in between & again you want to resume it
3) You have to stop your queue by right click on your login ID & unchecked Process Queue tab show in below image.

4) Your file transfer process will pause. Closed filezilla window shut down your pc.
5) If you want to resume your file transfer, just start filezilla enter your domain name, user name, password & login.
6) Again right click on your login Id & click on process Queue as shown in above Image.
7) Your file transfer process will continue.
8) Hope you will enjoy this.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

DVD Drive not showing in Windows 7 due to registry error ?

If your DVD drive is not showing when you explorer My computer in windows 7 so it may your computer registry error problem.
1) You have to download ccleaner from http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner install it .
2) You will get Cleaner, Registry, Tools, Option at right side.
3)  You have to click on Registry- Scan For issues.
4)  You will get registry issues found in your computer just click on Fix selected issues.
5) You will get option to take backup of registry. Click on No.
6) Now Click on Fix all selected issues.
7) Closed Ccleaner software.
8) Now Explorer your My computer & you will get your DVD Drive listed.
9) Thanks.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I am getting BSNL Broadband speed very slow .

If you are using bsnl broadband & found that your internet speed is very slow. I will suggest you to hold windows key & press R button to get windows command prompt. here type ping google.com -t & check time factor if it is too high like 400 / 500 or above. check another website that is yahoo.com instead of google.com if you are getting same result. you have to contact your BSNL local support persons. If you are not getting any reply from him I will suggest you to contact on 020-25459045 this is Pune NOC no. I will suggest you to send email to mpnocpune@gmail.com with below details. Check in which NOC you are coming & take no by calling above no. & email Id.

1) Run nslookup in your command prompt & take snap by clicking Print screen button.

2) Take snap by running ping command for google.com & yahoo.com

3) Run tracert in your command prompt & take snap.

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