Thursday, 26 December 2013

If you forgot your password for Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

If you forgot your parental password for Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

Visit below link for solution

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Omkar Computers Renovation Ceremony 4 th November 2013

Friday, 2 August 2013

Cash Deposit

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pay your MSEB or Mahavitaran Bills Online.

If you want to pay your MSEB/ Mahavitaran bills Online Use New website

Register yourself & pay your bills online.

Do not Use old MSEB site that is


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to Check BSNL broadband Usage & how to change BSNL broadband password ?

If you are having BSNL broadband connection & want to check your upload & download status visit below link

Register your phone number & take advantage of below facility

1) check broadband upload & download status.
2) Change your broadband username password
3) Create Service complaint & track it
4) View your previous bills
5) Many more ...


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to register online complaint of BSNL services ?

If you are not getting service from BSNL & you want to register online complaint so visit below link

Select your Unit - Maharashtra or your state at Unit place. New page will open with

On this page you will get Register Grievience at right bottom corner. Click on it & register your complaint. Note down your complaint no. If you want to check status of this complaint you will get Grievience Status  below register option.

register Complaint


I hope you will get better service.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How to pause & resume file transfer in FileZilla ?

If you want to pause & resume your file transfer process in filezilla you can do it very easy. I have tried this on FileZilla version. You have to follow below steps

1) Open filezilla Enter your domain name, Username & password & start to upload file on your server.
2) Now If you want to pause this process in between & again you want to resume it
3) You have to stop your queue by right click on your login ID & unchecked Process Queue tab show in below image.

4) Your file transfer process will pause. Closed filezilla window shut down your pc.
5) If you want to resume your file transfer, just start filezilla enter your domain name, user name, password & login.
6) Again right click on your login Id & click on process Queue as shown in above Image.
7) Your file transfer process will continue.
8) Hope you will enjoy this.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

DVD Drive not showing in Windows 7 due to registry error ?

If your DVD drive is not showing when you explorer My computer in windows 7 so it may your computer registry error problem.
1) You have to download ccleaner from install it .
2) You will get Cleaner, Registry, Tools, Option at right side.
3)  You have to click on Registry- Scan For issues.
4)  You will get registry issues found in your computer just click on Fix selected issues.
5) You will get option to take backup of registry. Click on No.
6) Now Click on Fix all selected issues.
7) Closed Ccleaner software.
8) Now Explorer your My computer & you will get your DVD Drive listed.
9) Thanks.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I am getting BSNL Broadband speed very slow .

If you are using bsnl broadband & found that your internet speed is very slow. I will suggest you to hold windows key & press R button to get windows command prompt. here type ping -t & check time factor if it is too high like 400 / 500 or above. check another website that is instead of if you are getting same result. you have to contact your BSNL local support persons. If you are not getting any reply from him I will suggest you to contact on 020-25459045 this is Pune NOC no. I will suggest you to send email to with below details. Check in which NOC you are coming & take no by calling above no. & email Id.

1) Run nslookup in your command prompt & take snap by clicking Print screen button.

2) Take snap by running ping command for &

3) Run tracert in your command prompt & take snap.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Are you getting internet very slow on your windows 7 computer ?

If you are getting internet very slow on your windows 7 computer or laptop or if you are facing problem to open, sign in to gmail account, problem with, so follow below steps

1) Click on start or windows Icon write Service in search box.
2) you will get Services under program, click on it.
3) Find " Windows Defender" service double click on it.
4) Go to General Tab- Start up type & Disable it.
5) Stop this service by clicking Stop button under Service status.
6) Find "Windows Firewall" Service & follow 4 & 5 steps for this service.
7) By selecting "Disable" these 2 services will not start after restating your Computer.
8)By clicking stop button these service will stop for current session.
9) Restart your computer / Laptop & check it.

Ankur Multilingual Office Suite.

India's first, unique, innovative, path breaking, truly & highly cost effective Multilingual Office Suite with look and feel in Indian language designed by Modular InfoTech, Pune.

ng ServicesThe objective of Ankur Office Suite is to automate your office documents in Indian Languages thereby providing you with the flexibility of maintaining your documents in your native languages. Ankur Office has been specifically developed by taking into consideration the need of Indian Language users. These users face a lot of difficulty in operations involving the use of Indian Languages such as sorting, data filtering, finding and replacing text, database maintenance etc. Ankur Office addresses these particular needs of the user along with providing specialized applications to make their working more comfortable. 

It is developed using keeping need and requirement of all commonly used segments like Government, Office, Corporate Sector, SOHO market.
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Ankur Office is a Complete Multilingual Office Suite with user interface in all Indian languages. User Interface Screens, Menus, Messages, Hints, Helps etc. are in all local language as well as in English. In addition to Marathi or English, user can select languages like Assamese, Bengali, Gujrati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu & English as User Interface language along with English.
List of features which makes Ankur Office the unique and complete Multilingual Office Suite are:
Patrika - Multilingual Word-processing software
Talika - Multilingual Spread Sheet software
Sadarika - Multilingual Presentation software
Sandeshika - Multilingual E-Mailing software
Sampark Suchi - Multilingual Address Book
Avantika - Multilingual Web Browser
Keyboard Layout - Keyboard layouts generating software & support for every keyboard layout that is popular in every Indian State.
Script processor - This facility allows users to use all Indian language fonts, Diacritical English language fonts & Indian Symbols fonts in any application that is running on Windows.
Fonts - High quality TTF fonts for all Indian languages including Diacritical English, Indian Symbol fonts & Web fonts.
Official Language Dictionary
Dindarshika - Multilingual Personal Organizer
Database Manager - Database creating and maintaining software
Label Maker - Multilingual Mailing Label Software
Chitrangan - Multilingual Drawing and Painting Software
Aalekhan - Multilingual chart drawing tool
Madhurika - Audio and Video Media Player
ScreenSaver - Variety of eye-catching Screensaver
Cliparts - High quality Indian cultural Cliparts specially designed for Indian customers
Clipart browser - Clipart browser menus are supplied in English as well as in 11 Indian languages.
Wallpapers - Wallpapers to redesign and decorate the Desk Top screen
Clock & Calendar
Help Utilities

  Why Ankur Office ?

Language support -
Assamese, Bengali, Gujrati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu & English.
Localization - 
Help,Manual,Screens, Menu, Hints & alert messages are available in English as well as in Indian languages.
Language Change -
Toggle between Indian languages and English at any time by pressing only one key.
Language typing in other applications - 
Facility allows users to use Indian language fonts in other Windows applications.
File Format Support -
Import/Export facility for MS-Word, MS-Excel, RTF, HTML, XML, ISCII 7 bit, ISCII 8 bit, RTF,TEXT, PCISCII, ASCII, Shree-Lipi editor, iLeap, Lotus 123, Paradox (DB), Comma Separated Value (CSV), MS-Access (MDB), Database (DBF), Quattro (WQ2), SQL, Acrobat Reader (PDF), Microstar format, SPSS etc.
Data Exchange -
Facility allows users to convert other vender font formats such as ISFOC, Akruti, Akshar, Anu, APS, Tam 99, Chitralekha, ITR, Kruti, Nai Dunia, Shivaji, Prakashak, Baraha,, KGP, Winkey, Panchari, Thoolika etc.
e-Mail in Indian Language -
Users can compose their messages in English as well as any Indian language. Users can view their mails in Indian language on any PC without Ankur Office
Font support -
Modular, ISFOC (CDAC), Tamil 99, KGP.
Keyboard Support -
Support to all popular Keyboard Layouts e.g. Modular, Phonetic, Inspirit, Typewriter, Tamil99, KGP, Godrej, Remington, Roma etc. User can make own custom Keyboard Layout as per requirement.
Learn Typing -
Keyboard tutor facility to learn Indian language typing.
Typing facility -
Typing facility in English as well as in all Indian languages. Type as you spell by using “Phonetic” keyboard for all languages
Fast Printing -
Fast printing facility on dot matrix printers for language

Hardware and Software Requirement to install and run Ankur Office:
Hardware : Intel P4 or equivalent, at least 1GB of hard disk space. 1GB Ram, CD / DVD Rom Drive / or CD / DVD Writer, Suitable Hi-Res Display Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and other peripherals or component along with their Device Drivers supplied by its manufacturer.
Software : Operating Systems - Microsoft  Windows 98 (tm) and Windows XP(tm)  (virus free and protection enabled from virus attacks) installed on above mentioned hardware along with device drivers.

If you want to voice & video chat with your friend use Google Hangout .

If you want to voice & video chat with your friends by using gmail ID use Google Hangout .

Alternative software for Photoshop .

Visit below links

Speed us your Windows 7 .

If you want to speed up your windows 7 visit below link

D-link DWM-156 is a best 3 G Universal Modem .

D-link DWM-156 is a best 3 G Universal Modem .


The 3.75G HSUPA USB Adapter allows users with a computer to connect to worldwide mobile broadband networks. While connected, users can transfer data, stream media, and send SMS messages. A built-in MicroSD card reader slot can be used for optional removable storage.


  • Work with all 3G as well as 2G Network operator
    The 3.75G mobile protocol lets you take your broadband connection with you wherever you go
    Built-in drivers and software provide immediate access to data and SMS functions
    Compact USB-powered adapter uses an internal antenna and requires no batteries or cabling



Intel or AMD CPU 500 MHz or higher

128 MB RAM or greater

50 MB available disk space

Internet Explorer v6.0+/Firefox v1.5+
GSM BAND (GSM/GPRS/EDGE)850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Power Class 4 (850/900 MHz)

Power Class 1 (1800/1900 MHz)
UMTS/HSUPA BAND *850/1900/2100 MHz or 900/1900/2100 MHz

Power Class 3 (+24 dBm)
DATA RATES **DL: 7.2 Mbps

UL: 5.76 Mbps
ANTENAInternal monopole antenna
SMSCircuit-switched (GSM)
SMS MANAGERCreate/read/reply/forward/delete short messages, change the save location for short messages, save the sender’s number to the phonebook

Inbox, outbox, and draftbox
PHONEBOKNew contact, new group, view/delete/edit contacts, send/save messages, save contacts to PC as text file
USIM SLOTStandard 6-Pin SIM card interface
PLUG AND PLAYAutomatic software/driver installation
CONECTION STATUSNetwork name, signal strength, transport/receive rate, connected time, amount of data sent/received
LED INDICATORTwo-color LED provides status information
MicroSD Card READERSupports standard MicroSD Cards up to 32 GB

DIMENSIONS (L x W x H)85 x 25 x 11 mm (3.4 x 1 x 0.5 inches)
Operating Temperature-10 ?C to 60 ?C (14 ?F to 140 ?F)
Rates and other details contact us

If you want to Play more video format in one player use KMplayer.

If you want to Play more video formats in one player use KMplayer.

To take Remote control of a desktop use team viewer or Ammyy Admin .

To take Remote control of a desktop use team viewer or  Ammyy Admin .

Ammyy Admin

Team Viewer

If you want to re size mass photos in less time use Easy Thumbnails software.

If you want to re size mass photos in less time use Easy Thumbnails software.

How to remove APS design 4.0 from your computer?

If you want to remove APS Design 4.0 from your computer you have to use add remove program tool to remove it . Start - Setting - Control Pannel - Add Remove program - Uninstall APS .

After removing APS Desing 4.0 from add remove program you have mannualy Delete APSjobs folder from c:\APSjobs & another aps folder is APS40 from C:\Program Files\APS40.

After doing above procedure If your are able to see Aps Designer 4.0 entry in Add remove program you have to remove it from your computer registry.

How to remove APS entry from registry?

1) Click on Start button - Run.
2) Run "regedit" command. you will get Registry editor
4) Right click on Uninstall & Click on Find
5) Write APS & search you will get 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

If you have any problem related to kaspersky product do the below steps.

If you have any kaspersky related problems just dial  Toll Free : 1-800-209-2012. ( INDIAN )



Coreate your account FREE,Login with your username & password

Click on "Manage and submit your requests" * submit your problem .

You will get reply from kaspersky Lab.

Monday, 25 February 2013

I want to buy Shreelipi, Ankur & Tally ERP software.

If you want to buy Shreelipi Software contact us.

We are Authorized Dealer for Shreelipi, Ankur, Tally ERP, Kaspersky Antivirus .

Omkar Computers
Mr. Ashish Poyekar
Cell. 9422374165

In Corel Draw 12 & Photoshop 7 with shreelipi 7.3 some Marathi words are not typing correctly?

If you are facing problem when typing Marathi ( इतर , गणू ) words in Corel Draw 12 & Photoshop 7 with shreelipi 7.3 you have to do some setting in Photoshop & CorelDraw. Settings are given below

Corel Draw 12

1       1) Open Corel Draw 12 Go to Text - Writing tools- Quick correct - Unchecked all
2      2) In Corel 12 go to Text - Writing tools – Spelling – unchecked perform automatic spell checking.
3      3) Save all setting & now you will not get any problem in corel Draw 12 at the time of Marathi typing.

Photoshop 7

1)      Open Photoshop 7
2)      Go to Edit - Preferences - General - uncheck "Use Smart Quotes".
3)      Save your setting & use Photoshop 7.

How to use APS fonts in Shreelipi 7.3 or how to type in APS font with shreelipi 7.3 ?

If you want to type in APS fonts without installing APS software you have to follow below steps.

1) You have to install only APS fonts in your computer.
2) Open shreelipi 7.3 setting page
3) Go to Setup – Script setup – Font Layout – APS Monolingual.
4) Open Photoshop or corel draw – select your APS font & type as you are typing in shreelipi font. 

How to use ISM fonts in shreelipi 7.3 or how to type in ISM font with shreelipi 7.3 ?

If you want to type in ISM fonts without installing ISM software you have to follow below steps.

1) You have to install only ISM fonts in your computer.
2) Open shreelipi 7.3 setting page
3) Go to Setup – Script setup – Font Layout – ISFOC Bilingual or Monolingual.
4) Open Photoshop or corel draw – select your ISM font & type as you are typing in shreelipi font. 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

After installing Shreelipi 7.3 I am getting font problem at the time of typing ?

If you are installed Shreelipi 7.3 & you are facing problem with Font like some font are missing, font are getting in list but not able to type in it.
1)  I will suggest you to remove all font by using font manager (use Remove button instated of Uninstall button ).
2)  Restart your computer.
3) After restarting your computer install shreelipi fonts by selecting shift button but not more that 10 to 20 fonts every time.
4)  Do not install all font by pressing shift button.
5) Now you can use all font of shreelipi 7.3.

Why I need to restart or reconnect Shreelipi 7.3 USB lock every time ?

If you are typing in shreelipi 7.3 & in between you are not able to write in your regional language like Marathi. You have to check that  is there any Marathi language software is installed on your computer or not . If your computer is having APS or ISM software installed on your computer remove immediately by using add remove program & don't forget to delete APSjobs & other APS folder from your computer. Now restart your computer & work smoothly. 

Why I am getting error Unauthorized access when starting shreelipi software ?

You will get Unauthorized access error when your shreelipi software lock is missing, getting loose or permanently damaged. In this case you have to check your USB/Parallel lock is present on your computer. If it is present then check by changing your USB/parallel port or check if this lock is loose. After doing this if you are getting same error then you have to purchased new lock by replacing your current lock.

How to uninstall Shreelipi 7.3 ?

If you want to uninstall Shreelipi 7.3 & you are searching it in your add remove program you will not get it . You have to uninstall it from Start - Program - Shreelipi Devratna Universal - Shreelipi Devratna UnInstallation   or you have to insert Shreelipi 7.3 Installation cd & on auto start you will get option to uninstall Shreelipi 7.3. More details check below image.

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